Wheels - A Wheel Good Story

Wheels - A Wheel Good Story written by Gerald

Wheels. They compliment tyres quite nicely. In fact it has been said that tyres feel all hollow and empty inside without them. In turn wheels are much more rounded and stable with a tyre on board and are capable of telling a much more gripping tale. From the very beginning it was a match made in heaven.

So who exactly invented them? It is not precisely known but according to archaeologists it was probably invented around 8,000 BC in Asia. The oldest known wheel however, was discovered in Mesopotamia and dates back to 3,500 BC. One clever little Sumerian (who must be kicking themself for not lodging the design with the International Patent Office) came up with the design which is believed to have evolved as shown below...



The rest as they say is history, and a fine history at that. What a pleasure it would be to take a 19x9.5, AMG Style IV, 2 Piece Titanium Grey Painted wheel with a Machined Outer Lip and Protective Coating back to that clever Sumerian inventor and say “Look what you started...”


2 piece titanium

We may well reinvent the wheel before we can travel back in time so let us give thanks and roll on into the future...

Have a look around you and I bet there is some type of wheel within sight. On a shopping trolley, computer mouse, door, engine, sticky tape dispenser… the list is endless. Its impact on our lives is prolific by any standard.

With that said, you’re hardly visiting our site to listen to us wax lyrical about wheels on a shopping trolley now are you? Rumour has it you are here to give your chariot that more refined look, make it a little more sporty, go one up on the Jones’, or perhaps just make it look “fully sick”.

Whilst the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks certainly made some worthwhile improvements, we at AMG believe we have the best looking wheels on the planet. We’d love to show you are wares…